DOJO, the mobile ad serving platform

Mobile advertising is more efficient and effective with our mobile ad management platform for agencies and marketers. Data-driven insights and streamlined operations help to improve campaign results across mobile display, search and rich media channels. At the foundation of our platform is DOJO, a mobile ad management and ad serving solution that helps agencies and marketers manage the entire scope of their mobile advertising programs.

DOJO includes all the necessary tools you need to execute mobile rich media or static mobile advertising campaigns on the devices you want to target.

high impact, rich mobile advertising
Phluant's mobile ad formats can be mixed and matched with an array of rich media features to deliver effective mobile display advertising .
  • Street Fighter
    rich media banner ads
    Often underestimated, the original bad boy of mobile advertising supports any and all rich media features without breaking outside the banner.

    Agencies love the Street Fighter because ubiquitous ad sizes means less resizing, wider inventory options, and a faster time to market.

    Publishers love the Street Fighter because it makes the most of banner ad inventory, which means seamless placements across multiple sites in multiple locations.

    The Street Fighter supports all the rich media features found in larger formats, including panels that swipe up, down, left or right, animate, locate nearest stores, play video, and even scratch away to reveal layers of messaging. It may be small, but it’s got skills.


    • Wider mobile inventory options
    • Faster time to market by reusing existing creative
    • Highest possible upfront interaction rate
    • Showcase your best creative and video upfront
    Download the PDF (1.06MB)


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  • Heavyweight
    expandable banner ads
    Maximize existing banner ad inventory with a click-to-expand panel, and turn typical banner ads into full-screen placements. The one-two punch of mobile advertising gives agencies two canvases to unleash their creativity.

    Expandable Options

    • Expand in any direction. Up, down, left, right
    • Expand to any size.
    • Auto Expand/ Auto Close*
    • Dynamically detect screen size and expand to fill the screen.

    Pack a bigger punch with the Heavyweight Expandable Banner ad. The Heavyweight starts out strong with a rich media banner and and finishes even stronger by going full-screen to display hard hitting features and content. Watch the Heavyweight dance around the screen as it expands up or down, left or right and to any size, including full-screen on mobile or tablet, in-app or mobile web.


    • Turns banner ads into full-screen inventory
    • Cross platform compatible
    • Multiple mobile inventory options
    • Expanded panels can hold all rich media features
    Download the PDF (1.84MB)


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  • The Ninja
    dynamic banner ads
    The Phluant Ninja is skilled in the ancient art of HTML, Javascript, XML, and CSS to detect and deliver dynamic messaging and content to mobile audiences.


    • Make mobile ads more relevant with dynamic data, such as weather & data driven creative campaigns
    • Serve targeted messages based on mobile device, carrier, operating system, location, weather or other attribute
    • Update information on-the-fly
    • Increase user interaction and click-through rates with location-based ads

    Dynamic data requirements

    • Approved and fully functioning data feeds
    • If we are building the data feed, client must supply information in Excel spreadsheet or CSV
    • Graphics that correlate to dynamic data, if applicable

    Harness the full power of rich media mobile advertising with Phluant’s dynamic Ninja format. Using assassin-like skills, the Ninja can detect user devices, operating systems, geolocation, and DMAs to deliver targeted content. It can pull in weather, traffic, news or other data feeds to tailor and sequence messages. Dynamic pricing and inventory pulled from nearby store locations drive shoppers into brick and mortar stores and bring them one step closer to a point of sale by enticing them to click. With the Ninja, content can be determined on the fly, and data is always up to date.

    Download the PDF (1.37MB)


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  • The Sumo
    interstitial banner ads
    The Phluant SUMO is the biggest and heaviest format of mobile advertising, and uses its size to fill the screen and capture the audience’s attention.

    Throw the weight of a Sumo behind your mobile ad campaign and make a huge impact. This rich media mobile interstitial ad displays full-screen every time to gain maximum exposure for brands and advertisers. Using dynamic data, the format can detect the screen size to create a background that will fill the screen.

    With the Sumo ad, you have the biggest canvas available to craft complex stories and fill with engaging features, such as games, video, slideshows, and animation in one or more panels. And this ad format won’t be pushed around -- because it displays full-screen you can showcase the entire ad experience without waiting for user interaction.


    • Displays full screen without waiting for user interaction
    • Large canvas to deliver complex messaging and creative
    • Use dynamic detection to create background to fill entire screen
    Download the PDF (2.07MB)


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  • Tag Team
    synced tablet ads
    The Phluant Tag Team is a double threat ad format that uses the power of two synched rich media mobile banner ads on a tablet to showcase attention-grabbing animation.

    Tag Team requirements

    • Clear storyboard on animation direction and explanation
    • Separate PSD for each ad unit with animated assets in separate clearly defined layers

    Synched animated tablet ads work in tandem on the same screen to tell a bigger story. Animation starts in one banner ad and then continues in another ad unit elsewhere on the screen without missing a beat. The Tag Team format works only on tablets, and requires a minimum of two known above-the- fold placements on the same page. Publishers that offer the Tag Team synched ad unit includes:

    • Accuweather • eHow • The Demand Network • NBC Universal


    • Two above-the-fold units capture larger Share of Voice
    • Unique format grabs the audience's attention
    • Provides two canvases to showcase complex animation and tell bigger narrative
    Download the PDF (0.8MB)


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