Just for fun: Stickers!

“Stick it to your ad campaign!”
“Our ad formats really stick with you!”
“Stick around the DOJO!”


So many opportunities for puns! (Originally I wrote ‘bad puns’ but, aren’t they all bad?)

Thankfully, the coolness of the stickers outweigh the lameness of puns. These sticker sheets were a lot of fun to put together and they have already begun popping up in random places around the office.  You can learn more about the characters featured on this sticker sheet on our website.

Want to get in on the fun? Follow @phluant & tweet us with your favorite DOJO character and include #DOJOstickers. The first 10 tweets will get a sheet sent to them.

**Also, look for the Phluant Kirkland team tonight at the Geekwire Gala in Seattle & snag some stickers there!

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